Small Story Cabaret was set up by Michelle Porter and Tara Gould and started life as a story cabaret promoting emerging and established writing and artistic talent. As well as producing live events we also run a literary consultancy and themed writing workshops.

Our roaming live story cabarets take place in Lewes and London and promise an intimate, atmospheric night of tasty creative morsels in the form of three short stories, one song and an image. Small Story Cabaret is a multidisciplinary arts event where the focus is on narrative and the elements that bring it to life: metaphor, form, symbol and style.

Short story nights can be an endurance test – we never want to over burden our audience.  And neither do we want to cater to short attention spans or offer quick dopamine fixes. We want to entertain, we want to slow it down a little and enjoy the details. We’d like to offer an anti-dote, some relief from the screen and the overwhelm of grazing information endlessly. Our creative workshops adhere to the same ethos.

We curate our story cabarets and hand pick artists and writers. All our events are priced in a way that is inclusive to all. We’re looking for radical ideas and thought provoking themes: cutting edge, honest, inclusive and succinct. We’d like our audience to go away inspired, and wanting more!

After all, less is more, small is beautiful and the shimmer of life is contained in the minutiae – that’s what we think: “Little fishes are sweeter”, as Michelle’s Grandad used to say.